Thursday, 17 October 2013

Process Day 5

This has been my view for the past two days, it feels like miles of stitching has been achieved going round the edges of all those shapes.
Because my work is eclectic to say the least every piece is a learning curve (I like it that way).
I really had to grapple with some of the shapes , particularly the synthetic ones. The problem being that I couldn't use the iron at a high enough temperature to fuse the bondaweb to the background, slightly too hot and it would melt the synthetic. I resorted to a combination of bondaweb and tacking stitches on some of the shapes.  It was difficult sewing very close to the edge on some of my fabrics so where my needle wandered in, I cut back any edge that was visible. The sewing would have been much easier if I had backed my work but I wanted the option of having a drape to the piece.

All the machine stitching is complete. I need a day or so of looking to decide the next part and  to let my neck recover from such intense sewing. 

This  will hang in my newly decorated bedroom on a south facing wall. What I anticipate happening is the black linen to fade over time and the harvest moon will stand out more and more. 


  1. that is soo lovely---brillioso...

  2. Wow, Pam, I just re-read your earlier post. Not only is this piece gorgeous, but it's really large!!! It must look truly stunning up on your wall .I'm hoping you'll post a 'finished' pic of it on the wall....possible?? (after your neck has recovered, of course!!)

  3. This is lovely. And I had no idea how big it was.

  4. It's looking wonderful and what a great concept. I love the idea of it fading over time. I've just started Dionne Swift's D4T course and can see the influence here. Fabulous!

  5. What a beautiful piece and I love the ice of getting it to deliberately fade