Thursday, 24 October 2013

Transfer Paint

Finally managed to have a Trident meeting with my friends Jean and Jackie.  I'm really struggling health-wise but it has been such an enjoyable  day I don't care. We had decided to have a play with transfer paints today. These have been around for many years, in fact Jean had some in her stash that were over 20 years old. We also had some of the latest versions to use and compare.
I'm still in herbal mode so I slanted my experiments towards ways of producing yet another sub layer for my work.

I was looking for ways to make a subtle print that could take further work on top.

This method may crop up in my next piece of work only it needs to be toned down to just a whisper instead of a shout.
It was good to catch up and talk about exhibitions and contacts, we are building quite a network of crafters and textilers in this area.
I'm going to attempt an outing to Grantham Museum on Saturday to see the Guild exhibition, I hope it is still on.

We ended the day with some thread dyeing, I said I would leave them to take overnight, I don't know if I can last that long!  ( I can't).


  1. These are really lovely, especially the first two.
    I'm fascinated by the order in which you did the different colours. I guess you must have masked out with your stencils between each colour?
    I've used transfer paints quite a bit and the effects are always interesting - except when I tried to add too many layers of colour and it all turned to mud!

  2. Lovely results. Have you tried it onto Lutrador and Zeelon which ae both lovely for layering.

  3. Some yummy additions for your 'herbal mode'. How very exciting. And what fun to be able to play in a group. I always find your work so very inspirational! Thanks for sharing...