Friday, 11 October 2013

Process Day 2

I started by making my moon more moon like, by adding some rubs.

Then out with the drawings. I'm certainly getting some mileage from these.

I have a wide bondaweb that I get from Art and Stitch, ideal for backing large pieces. I gently peel the backing away from the gluey side and use this as my tracing paper.

I place this over my drawings and trace with pencil the element I want.

 I then make a sandwich with my fabric on the bottom, (in this case a synthetic florist wrap ) then a layer of bondaweb and the tracing on top. I cut everything to size to avoid wasting too many materials.

Then the most important part, parchment paper or any other non stick paper under and over the tracing. Hot iron - no steam.

Then it is ready to cut out, with a combination of scissors and scalpel. This is the most tedious part it can take up to an hour to cut a complex element out. I think there will be about a dozen parts in this piece so this part I will spread it out over the weekend.

I try to cut as elegantly as possible to capture the feeling of each plant stem. The art of pivoting the scissors to create curves takes a lot of practice and time. 

Then on to the next one ( just another ten or so to go).

I can't help but lay some of the 'stems' over my moon to see how they are going to look, a lot of cutting needs to be done before I start laying out properly. I'm using a mixture of silks, sheers, chiffon and synthetics to make up the plant life.
 I envisage the overall size being about 36" x 60" so quite a big piece of work. The decision I have yet to make is whether to use batting on the back or just another layer of black linen, I'll decide when I have everything bondawebbed in place.
I experimented with bleach discharging the background with some of my stem shapes but didn't like the colour achieved so discarded this idea.
I will post again on Monday.


  1. This is coming on wonderfully. I just love your drawings. They so beautifully capture the shape and structure of the plants. They are stylised yet utterly believable - can't wait to see what happens next.

  2. Golly- this is really feeling pretty fab already. I love the look of the moon behind the plant.

  3. ooh my goodness... think Il just go back to bed...thanks for the help...

  4. So much gorgeousness (if there is such a word,)

  5. You must have so much patience to cut those intricate shapes. It is well worth the effort, I too can't wait to see this develop. The moon looks wonderful behind the seedhead/flowers.

  6. Great tip about the bondaweb. I love the effect of the shapes in front of the moon.