Monday, 14 October 2013

Process Day3

After I had cut all my shapes out I had to peel off the bondaweb backing paper, they came off easily and in one piece. I didn't want to throw them away because I thought they would make some lovely masks. The paper is very fragile and would fall apart the first time I used them so I painted each one with gel medium to try and give them some strength.

It took a couple of hours to dry out and then I pressed them flat. At this point I was going to store them for another project when I realised I could use them to make another layer of interest on my cloth.

I sprayed the shape with spray mount to hold it firm on the cloth and then using a Markel Oilstick (white) I coloured in the shape. Then using an old brush I stroked the pigment all round the paper shape. The spray mount held the mask perfectly.

After removing the mask I was pleased with the result. I have heightened the colours so that you can see the outcome, it is actually more subtle than the picture suggests.

I can start laying my fabric shapes over these stencilled areas tomorrow. I'm enjoying this part of the project, the hard slog will be when I start stitching all my shapes down.


  1. More loveliness - and a fascinating tip about using the bondaweb backing paper as a mask ... I will be trying that one - though I'll have to up my patience levels first if I'm going to cut out the shape I have in mind!

  2. Lovely. A really good tip about strengthening the paper and it has made a beautiful image with the markal.