Friday, 18 January 2013

A cosy play day

I started punching out these little flower shapes yesterday using a heavy water-colour paper.It killed three punches but I was determined to realise my idea. It's not very original (what is?) but it was something  to do whilst huddled round the fire yesterday evening. 
We accidentally ran out of oil last week, it took six cold days for the truck to finally roll up yesterday. Just got the house warm again and the system crashed, currently waiting for the very busy engineer to arrive. Thank goodness we have a multi-fuel burner installed so one room is lovely and toasty the rest of the house is like an igloo. How did we manage before central heating?
I was slightly underwhelmed by the result of all my punching, the colours were not subtle enough for what I wanted  but the resulting waste strips that I dunked into my bin ends of procion dyes (which must be at least six months) old proved to be quite lovely.

I'm having a think about what to do with these.

The obvious outcome is to add stitch and make a book cover but they have such a tactile quality that maybe some thing 3d rather than flattening them with stitch.

Thank goodness the heating engineer has just arrived it looks as though we will be snowed in by tomorrow.


  1. RIP punches then lol Its very pretty and lush with colour in the centre.
    Those strips could make lovely paper chains, like the old trad ones I made as a kid!
    Michele at 'Michele Made Me' blog hung her junk mail paper chains from her ceiling light so it looked like a an idea.

  2. I like the strips from the punches and you've made me glad I didn't throw out the waste dye from my snow dyeing. Looks like we'll be snowed in this weekend so I may have a play with the dye bath and paper. I hope your heating is back on.

  3. Hi - where are you? Still in Scotland?

    I like the punched strips. They are rather lovely! Procion dyes do make good inks don't they.

    It snowed here big time today, so I might try Julies snow dyeing malarky (if I have all the ingredients). Could do with a bit of a play.