Thursday, 24 January 2013

Colour Hit

I need to get all the colour out of my mindset  today as I'm starting a commissioned piece of work that will be all  mucky whites, soft greys, palest aquamarines and very gentle pinks. I don't want any sassy colours sneaking in so I am playing with my coloured papers before I make a start (procrastinating as always).

Just layering up and finding little colour combinations to blow your socks off mm... loving those reds and lilacs in the right hand corner.

I love the 'dustiness' of these colours together. This palette is toning down to get nearer to the one I shall be using over the next few days.
I am also working on a post explaining how I made my 'Surface Details' papers as suggested by one of the comments from my previous post. To add interest  to the idea, I shall work on some pages using non art products at the same time, for instance - found papers - children's paints - D.I.Y. materials and such like. I'm well aware of the cost of all the wonderful products in my stash and would like to prove that you really don't need all this stuff to produce some interesting and pleasing art work - we shall see!

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