Saturday, 5 January 2013

Where is my picture browser?

I have not been able to post any pictures for several days now, I understand that it is a wide spread problem and that the blog team are trying to fix it, or am I being hopelessly naive and really should change to another blog enabler.
I'm still working and have all sorts of crafty things going on - about which I will blog once my picture browser comes back. Frustrating........


  1. I finally accepted I had probably used my free 1GB of web space and now pay 3 or £4 a month, having upgraded.
    I lost the will to tag along with all the complaints about it happening to others too and missed putting pics on blog.
    That free 1GB includes all pics we have on Picasa too which I hadnt realisedf. For all I know it may include Flikr too!
    Hope you get it sorted : )

  2. I've had the same problem and it seemed be because I was using Internet Explorer as my browser. I've switched to Firefox and it seems to have sorted the problem out.