Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I shall let the pictures do the talking today, not feeling too with it due to a filthy cold and chest infection. The lovely lady who who commissioned this has agreed to me showing some of my steps in the making the piece.The brief is to make a personal piece of work of all the lovely things that she finds pleasing in the world of textiles and some elements that speak to her alone. It is a detailed and complex piece that will be presented on a large plain white mount to emphasise the jewel like quality of it.

I try to use as little glue as possible in the making because hand stitch gives it a quality that enriches the surface in a way that over use of the glue gun destroys.


  1. It's beautiful. I hope you feel better sooon.

  2. Yes snuggle up and drink plenty ......... maybe water or tea rather than gin or vodka mind..............lol
    Hope youll feel better soon
    Great results here.........is it for someone special?

  3. thanks for sharing. A lovely process. I like the background a lot.


  4. That,as usual, is absolutely beatiful I am bowled over, even when you are ill you produce the most wonderful work, grr grr