Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fiddling Whilst Rome Burns

I spoke too soon about the heating being repaired, a bit too jubilant. Last night was very interesting, evacuating the house around 10.30pm.  in -5c. temperatures is not to be recommended as a way to spend a Friday night. The house was full of noxious fumes and remained so even after the heating was turned off for the rest of the night. To cap it all, the close we live in was snowed in road wise so we couldn't escape to friends for the night. The engineer has just left and we are counting the cost, I think he almost rebuilt the system. A good guy facing a problem he'd never seen before, very complex, (fancy boiler).
The house is slowly warming up.

My workroom was the best place to be during all this manly stuff going on and another book is in the making.

Very delicate colours for me, I'll probably put a tiny hit of red in somewhere just to perk it up - oh look, just beside that little rose it's already happened.

This is a great way to use old samples, I can see lots of different coursework appearing in these books; some I've taken and some I teach, like the paper-clay I ran a couple of years ago.The background fabric in this last pic is the result of a Trident play-day with discharge paste and stencils, I didn't really connect with the process at the time but I am just seeing the samples in a new light.
I think an afternoon nap may be called for.

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  1. Oh gosh! Glad all was well in the end.........fingers crossed for you.....just in case!!