Sunday, 6 January 2013

Getting Started Again

IT problems solved  (many thanks Ross) downloaded and installed Chrome and voila, there is my picture browser back. 
I've started the year with a new mood board to trigger off some work - I think I may need to refine it a bit more as there are two opposing strands going on.

I'm really drawn to the saturated colours inspired by the Scottish Artist John Lowrie Morrison whose work is mainly about the landscapes of the Western Isles. I also seem to have a vintage/paper/script/lace monochromatic thing going on at the same time, perhaps each theme needs developing separately rather than refining. Being surrounded by this imagery will spark off some work any time soon.
Trident meeting tomorrow, my turn to set the challenge which I will blog about in due course.
A belated Happy New Year to all!


  1. Happy New Year too. This board reminds me of my studio, predominantly colour with the odd touch of vintage. My excuse, it helps keep me balanced, a little vintage goes along way.

  2. Your inspiration board is inspiring to me as well! Love the
    seaside photos with that great dog. Patty