Friday, 25 January 2013

An Interim Project

Now I know I should be getting on with that commissioned piece of work but last night as I was clearing away from my last project I was struck by the colour palette of scraps . I had the background and layout finished by bedtime and completed the piece by lunchtime today. That's not really prevarication is it? More like an interim project or a warm up for the piece of work I'm putting off starting.

This is made on an 8" x 12" block painted with acrylics and then given a pearly coating, I have use painted scrim, netting ,organza, hand painted silk flowers, homemade beads, some little bits of cut work samples,vintage lace and buttons, painted doilies, ric-rac,glass pebbles and lucite rose beads. I finished it off with some beaded trim that I bought from the Harrogate show last year.
I laid it on the snow to take the picture, I think that is why it looks so saturated with colour, it is a bit more subtle than the image suggests, but not much!

1 comment:

  1. You see, we shud never throw scraps out!!
    This is smashing! Was the trim from a delightful young asian lady by any chance?
    If so can you recall her stall name???
    Long shot I know since theres always so much there to feast on and buy!
    Your not going to the NEc by any chance are you?