Monday, 21 January 2013

This and That

I finished off this latest altered book yesterday - late night photo does it little justice but I wanted to draw a line under bookmaking for a day or two at least.
 I have been inspired by the number of 'marks in snow' shots that are appearing online during this prolonged spell of the wintry stuff. Anita Bruce has posted some very beautiful and fragile pics on FB so armed with camera, an afternoon walk around the fields and lanes behind my house have given me some very inspirational images to play with.

These are from the road nearest my house, I have saturated and used a little boost in Picassa to enhance a very 'stitchy' looking image.

I love these colours together. I'm working on a way to incorporate these lines and patterns into a resolved piece of work.
 Just to get in the right frame of mind I started some mark-making exercises last night, I created some papers with no particular end in mind. I used matte medium and a little modelling paste, my elderly procion dyes, a sprinkling of walnut ink granules and allowed for once to let it all dry overnight.

Again light levels too low for good photography but trust me this looks very fleshy, I keep thinking of Slaughterhouse Five (years since I read that one) every time I look at it.

However, if in doubt, chop it up, add a few graphite marks and shapes and give it a black back ground. Honestly it looks better in real life! If only everything were like that.


  1. Now thats inspirational...........a piccy of the treads in snow! an ace result too.

  2. I love that pic of the treads in the snow. I can see a fabric print in that.